About us

We make games and we enjoy helping others to make games.

As part of the game making process we use the latest industry standard tools, frameworks and engines and use that experience to create our own.

Our games are developed in an agile and lean environment, where the best ideas can be incubated before being built robustly and deployed rapidly when they are ready!

These concepts are influenced by current professional techniques and methodologies including object oriented design and development, test driven development, cross platform development, automation, continuous integration and other best practices.

From the spark of innovation we transform simple ideas into a captivating game mechanic, we know how to make games and have fun along the way!

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Our Values

MISSION: Our mission is to enrich the world through gameplay, bring the power of innovation to the players, create code that is beautiful and make some awesome games along the way.

VISION: Our vision for the future is one of a world where games technology is transparent, enabling and empowering, one where people have the creative freedom to express their game ideas fully using the simplest of systems. To create that world and realise that vision we are creating an integrated system of tools and methods to inspire the game developers of tomorrow.


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HTML5 Web Development

Web sites for indie game developers

HTML5 Game Development

We can make your game ideas come to life

Indie Games

We also design, develop and publish our own games


Engage your customers with gameplay


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